Rearranging your tanning salon?    Expanding your tanning salon?    Opening a tanning salon?

From opening new tanning salons to revamping existing salons, or rearranging tanning beds to accommodate more tanning business, Sun Service Tan will make it happen. Your tanning-bed lamps, acrylics, ballast, printed circuit board — essentially, your tanning bed as a whole, any tanning bed part you may stress in a move — will be in the same stellar condition, after a move with Sun Service Tan.

We know any move can be overwhelming, considering the weight, dimensions and electrical components of your salon’s equipment. Sun Service Tan knows how to move tanning booths, beds, stand up’s and hydration stations, making sure your tanning units are not damaged and remain functional upon relocation. Sun Service Tan will move your bed wherever — another salon, storage unit or just a tiny bit over in the same room.