Sun Service Tan provides preventive and post maintenance for all tanning beds. We also fix stand ups and spray booths.

Preventative maintenance:
Sun Service Tan thoroughly assesses and services all tanning beds — changing filters, checking lamp holders, deep cleaning fans and vents, wiping down all angles of reflectors and acrylics, reaching inaccessible parts not cleaned on a regular basis to extend the life of your tanning bed.

Post maintenance:
Whether re-lamping, replacing fans, changing out starters, buffing out scratches, troubleshooting any tanning bed issue, Sun Service Tan owner Brandon Easter says, If I can’t fix it, its not broken.

While assessing any tanning bed thats down, Sun Service Tan will provide an in-depth inspection of your tanning bed to avoid any unforeseen tan bed concerns.

The best thing you can do to keep your tanning bed up and running, keep your tanning bed clean. Again, we clean filters, fans, PCBs, sockets, lamps, acrylics, reflectors, filter glasses — all things to increase your UVA and UVB of your tanning bed, booth or stand-up.

Yes, we vacuum, clearing any dust from clogging and overheating your ventilation systems, keeping your clientele comfortable, to boot.